Photo: 52-year-old woman attacks 'pestering' ex-husband with a knife - then her new lover finished him off with an axe

Police in a village in Udon, Thailand has charged a couple with murder after they attacked and killed the wife's ex husband who they claimed was pestering them.
The deceased Singthong Wichai went round to his ex-wife's house in Non Thong sub-district where she was sleeping with her new husband Noi Baothonglor.
Noona Inkong, 52, went out to confront him and attacked him about the head with a knife. Then Noi joined in and repeatedly wielded an axe at the victim until he was dead.

A neighbor called Salat Mahaphrom who tried to intervene is in a serious condition after also being attacked.
After the incident about 10pm on Monday night the wife and her new man quickly decided that she would take the rap alone so one of them could stay out of jail. They hid the axe.
But the local constabulary didn't believe that she was capable of committing the murder alone. At 8 am in the morning her new husband broke down and admitted his involvement.
Cops soon found the axe hidden under a bed at the house. They were taken on a reenactment back to their house later on Tuesday morning.
The pair have been charged with the murder of Singthong and committing grievous bodily harm on the neighbor and have been detained.

Source: Thai Rath

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