Melania Trump's approval rating climbs 17 points as the majority of Americans now like her - and Donald's popularity increases a bit too

The American people have begun to approve of Melania Trump as can be gathered from a recent poll.
According to a new poll released on Friday, the First Lady's approval rating has climbed 17 points since her husband took office in January. Earlier in the year, her approval rating was at 37, but this week, 54 percent of those polled say they view Melania favorably. The same amount said they viewed the president unfavorably.  
The poll, which was produced by Gallup, puts Trump's approval rating at 41 percent, a one percent increase since January. The percentage of people who view Trump unfavorably has also risen by one percent from 55 to 56. It is an increase from last week when, in a separate study by The Pew Research Center, 31 percent said they liked him.

Earlier in the year, 37 percent of people viewed her unfavorably. Now the percentage of people who view her unfavorably has dropped to 33 percent. In January, 26 percent said they had no view of the incoming First Lady. In the recent poll, 13 percent said they had no opinion of Melania. Only 3 percent said the same of the president.

Melania's countless photo-ops with children in hospitals and at festive White House events have seasoned her first year as First Lady and is believed to be responsible for the increase in her approval ratings.

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