Man dies after falling into tank of hot ink

There are many ways to die and boiling while drowning in hot liquid has got to be amongst the worst ways to die.
A factory worker in Sydney has died after being trapped for hours in a hot ink tank. The deceased had been trying to clean the tank when his legs became trapped. A blade at the bottom of the tank is thought to have suddenly moved while he and two co-workers were inside it, around 8.30am Thursday.
Fellow workers and emergency services desperately tried to free them. Two workers were rescued, one after a few minutes and another after two hours, but it was impossible to save the victim.

News Australia reported the victim is believed to be in his 20s or 30s and his body is still trapped in the six metre long tank. Both rescued men were taken to Westmead Hospital with multiple leg fractures and are now in a stable condition.
New South Wales Ambulance Superintendent Paul Turner said: "The third patient unfortunately died on scene, this is a terrible tragedy. We had ten ambulance resources on scene, along with NSW Police and Fire and Rescue. We did absolutely everything we could. It’s a tragic set of circumstances so close to Christmas."

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