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With the commencement of its full operations in 2017, Global Support Initiatives (GSI) has been known to be a registered Limited Liability Company running with the vision of empowering all and sundries in Nigerian and all over the world. It has been able to achieve a wider coverage by deploying its representatives and agents across major cities and towns within the country.
Born out of a passion to bring people from obscurity into limelight vis a viz hunger, cashless and abject poverty, GSI developed a platform for wealth creation with a vision to end poverty globally.
So far, GSI has focused on achieving its various objectives which include:
·        Alleviating poverty ravaging the African Continent. GSI aims at alleviating poverty through lasting solutions that will help people build assets, create jobs and raise their standard of living. GSI believes that many people around the world are poor or economically vulnerable.
·        Provision of educational Support for families.
·        Creating surplus with little in this period of recession.
·        Empowering the masses and giving individuals hope for a better tomorrow.
·        Supporting people in fulfilling their long-term dreams.
·        Supporting people in purchasing their dream cars, lands and houses with ease.

We provide several ways by which individuals can tap into our stream of wealth, and these are achievable through our various investment platforms provided for your benefits.

These are:
When you invest into this account, you are able to earn up to 215% profit after three months maturity date.
 The minimum Investment into this account is N7,000. The organization has the capacity to pay you to the tune of N5MILLION cash depending on your package of subscription.

As the name implies shopping account offers you the opportunity to participate in the monthly trade fare where items ranging from food stuffs, electronics, building materials, clothing etc can be purchased after a maturity of 33 working days of Investment. Minimum Investment into this account is also N7,000.

This account enables you to service your children's educational needs with ease. All it takes is to invest the total amount of your children school fees payable per term for a minimum period of three months with us. Consequently, the responsibility of paying your children school fees for the same amount is guaranteed by us for three terms consecutively.

Professional Services Offered by GSI

-          Travel and Scholarship
Our Educational Consultants help and guide prospective students in making the right choice when it comes to studying abroad.

-          Real Estate
GSI PROPERTIES, as a Real Estate Company Nigeria, develops, builds, and manage Real Estate across Nigeria.

Invest little and achieve more! Register with GIS today!
Call our Marketing office: +2348074521866, +2348066484965

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