Tiger mauls two children after escaping from circus enclosure as panicked crowds scream in terror

A tiger escaped from a circus enclosure then mauled two children who had gathered with a crowd to watch the animal.
Screams of terror erupted among panicked crowds at a village fair when the big cat broke out of its cage on Saturday. The animal made straight for the children and scratched them as handlers tried to recapture it.

Terrifying footage shows hundreds of onlookers gathered around the steel cage, pressing their faces close to the action as the tiger handler pokes the big cat with a stick. 
They eventually succeeded in getting the tiger under control and the injured children were taken to the hospital but their lives were not believed to be in danger. The pair are now in a stable condition.
The incident happened in Hongtong County in China's northern Shanxi Province, where the circus had been invited to perform at a local temple fair. Authorities are now investigating the incident.

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