Missing underage girls post shocking video on social media telling their families to stop looking for them because they now work as prostitutes (video)

Three teenage girls went missing in Honduras leading to a nationwide search for them and, when they were not found, they were presumed dead. But the girls recently surfaced on social media telling their families to stop searching for them because they are now working.
For weeks, the entire nation had been hoping the girls aged 13, 14 and 15, would be found alive. Missing person posters were sent out and everyone prayed for their return. After weeks with no clue as to their whereabouts, hope dwindled and everyone feared the worst. Then the girls showed up on social media some days ago.

They seemed high in a livestream video in which they informed the enitre nation and their families that the search for them can now stop because it was "boring". They said they are now working, and though they didn't specify what job it is, the general conclusion arrived at from the video is that they now sleep with men for money.
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