Lady explains why Nigerian Men are responsible for the increase of prostitution in the country

Instagram user, the_queen__biola (pictured above) shared this Saturday, blaming Nigerian men for being responsible for the increase of prostitution in the country. Read below.
Naw there is dis thing guys do dat is very irritating. I am sure am talking for a lot of girls who don't want to address dis issue. If u r a girl den am sure you can relate to dis MATTER!! ... U meet a guy you think u like nd u guys hit it off, Nd all Nd dis guy is sweet Nd nice nd friendly Nd u start seeing friendship with dis guy u guys talk a lot Nd gist - after so much talking u agree to meet Nd because d guy has a sweet mouth u agree to have sex with him after sex u exchange Ur good byes Nd u go home.
The guy dat calls u 3 times a day before reduces to one after sex nd at d end stop?s calling nd giving excuses til he fades out GUYS! Put urself in the girls shoes she feels USED Nd stupid!.. Nigerian guys can talk to u for a whole year jst to fuck u Nd ONCE dey do dey r off! -If u have sisters put urself in the girls shoes nd see how she feels!!! , Are u telling me a girl can't just meet a guy she likes Nd is scared to ve sex because she knows d guy might be after sex afterall ,are u telling me a girl has to keep trying all dis guys til she finds d one?
I had a funny EXPERIENCE met a guy on a dating app dis guy was so particular about no hooking up jst Friendship Nd I was cool with it ..he was like babe I don't do hook up Nd I sed me to! we kicked off gist every day nd finally we agreed to see ,now dis guy is fresh Nd all Nd I was thinking in my little head Something might be here one thing led to d other it happened!! SEX happened! Nd dis guy dat calls every day stopped calling nd all ..naw put urself in my shoes I felt USED Nd stupid Ladies d fault is not YoU! Stop blaming URSELF! Guys jst want to be smart using friendship to have sex freely Nd dey X like dat's not cool ...if dis has happened to a girl more Dan 5times keep meeting guys say she thinks r cool ,keep falling into deir one is going to tell dis girl dat wen next u meet a guy if sex happens collect ur money nd ex! So even if d guy never calls again u don't feel USED or stupid ... guys can't always eat deir cakes Nd have it !! If u like tag @instablog call me names but as a guy/girl I know u know wat am talking about!
 Naw a guy is horny he downloads PORN for d purpose of masturbating Nd Cummin Nd let's say d porn is 10 mins long he is watching Nd stroking his dick Nd at d end he CUMS! Wen he cums his brains comes back to normal Nd the porn looks irritating to him he stops d porn Nd deleted it even before finishing it! ..dis apply to a guy with a girl ...wat attracts every guy to a girl is d PHYSICAL appearance! A guy likes a girl with big ass wil Message a girl with ass of course ..naw he does not even know dis girls character yet! But because of ass he says I like dis girl ...naw ass is sexual of course ..all his head is how o fuck dat damn ass..naw he will do anything for dat ass d end of d day wen he gets d ass ..he comes back to normal Nd starts looking for ways to ex d girl because he has gotten wat attracted him to d girl in d first place!!...naw for some of u dat wil say y don't u let d guy know u nd all ...see if u like delay sex 1year Nd talk about urself every day with dis guy if ass is wat attracted him to u he will act like he cares til he gets it's not how long u wait to have sex ..d day sex happens den u know who u truly are to a guy ! If it was jst sex u sef wil know .. LMAO
I stand to be corrected?... all am saying my darling followers!! Guys want to eat? deir cake Nd ve it r u gonna say u don't want hook up Nd u meet a girl today nd want sex from dat girl???! How ??? Den u naw come as a friend ..u say let's be friends ..dude I DON'T FUCK MY FRIENDS! U don't act smart ? U hurting a lot of girls Nd spoiling d guys dat r real nd true.. some guys r crazy! U want to be using friendship on all d girls because u r fine .. thinking u can get away ! Sleep with dis one today stop calling sleep with dat one today stop calling! ..if u r a girl how do u feel wen all d guys come as friends Nd jst wen u think u can trust dis one, u guys ve sex Nd he goes to! Y don't u be honest ! By dis time wen dat particular girl has gone thru dis rubbish with 4-5guys no one wil tell her to ask d guy dat if sex is happening u r giving me something because she knows dat d guy is jst after sex ,all d calling, buying ice creams Nd sending driver to pick u ..jst be direct uncle! Nd stop beating around d bush !! Stop trying to be smart nd coming as Friend Nd Having sex nd running away..u r making an innocent girl feel USED Nd stupid Nd at d end of d day wen she keeps experiencing such ..she wil be d one to start asking for money if it's sex den u start calling d girl ashewo o!! Wen u all started it mehn!

Nigerian guys r immature Nd childish wen it comes to sex ..jst say wat u want Nd let d girl decide if she wants it to! Don't take it from her under pretence dat u r ALWAYS going to be derr as friends even after sex nd at d end u run away ...u r making girls stand up nd start demanding money from genuine guys!!! no one to trust anymore!!! We don't know who is real naw we don't want to fall victims to ..let's be matured here to ..if u like call me names but am sure I spoke for one girl TODAY!!!

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