Grandmother dies of shock hours after being told her granddaughter, 18, who survived the Manchester terror attack had passed away in her sleep

A grandmother of a girl who survived the Manchester Arena terror attack "died of a broken heart" less than an hour after her 18-year-old granddaughter passed away from complications with diabetes. 
Zara Ahmed, 18, was at the Ariana Grande concert with friends in May when bomber Salman Ramadan Abedi blew himself up, killing 23 people and injuring hundreds. The student survived the attack, however, she passed away at her halls of residence at Liverpool John Moore's University, where she was studying forensic science.

Soon after Zara's grandmother learned of her death, she collapsed and died.
Speaking from the family home Zara's mother, Asefa Ahmed, said: "My husband's mother heard the news and within a couple of hours she had passed. It was just such a shock for her – her grandma adored her. She was her only granddaughter. She suffered a heart attack but died of a broken heart."
Zara was said to have been left "traumatised" by what she saw during the tragic Manchester concert.
Mrs Ahmed, 45, said: "Zara went with her friends and it was her first concert – she adored Ariana Grande. She saw a lot that day and hadn't been sleeping since. She'd been sleeping with the lights on or would sleep in my bedroom with me. It really shook her up thinking why that would happen. 

"Zara had blood on her shoes and was thinking 'whose is that blood? Even on Bonfire night the noise of the fireworks reminded her. We were at my brother's and there was a large bang and she started screaming and crying. The whole experience shattered her and she said she was not going to go again."

Mrs Ahmed is now speaking about the family tragedy to raise awareness about diabetes. She said they are still waiting for the post-mortem results but the family want to raise awareness of diabetes.

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