Photos: Female student of Umaru Musa Yar’adua University Katsina, dies hours after being bitten by snake

Zainab Umar, an Economics student of the Umaru Musa Yar’adua University Katsina died from snake poisoning in the early hours of Sunday.

Zainab was bitten by a dangerous snake on her way to the school Library on Sunday, October 15.
She has been buried according to the Islamic teachings at her family residence.

According to reports, Zainab was rushed to the school clinic only to be administered paracetamol injection to suppress the pain. Read the report by Kabir Sheme and others below:

"We just lost a sister and a friend Zainab Umar from the department of economics, Umaru Musa Yaradu'a University Katsina, Katsina State. She suffered from snake poisoning after being bitten by a snake a day before yesterday. This gives us as students of the same institution a cause to worry because our welfare is not a priority to the school authorities. Zainab was bitten and rushed to the school clinic only to be administered paracetamol injection to suppress the pain,is that the medical action required to be given to a victim of snake bite??? After 3hrs,she was placed on drip of which the poison had already found its way to some parts of her body I'm sure. Her friends requested they took her home but the Dean of student affairs had refused stating that if they moved her an inch from the clinic,whatever happens to her is not a business of his (yet he claims he's incharge of all student's affairs). She was not being administered proper medication,the clinic claimed there was no anti snake bite drugs available in the whole of Katsina, how unrealistic!!!
They're aware of the absence of this drugs yet the school authorities won't do nothing about the lack of street lights knowing veey well that students go out to read at night,they do nothing about the continuously growing grasses and trees that is gradually turning this school into a forest rearing all sort of animals both wild and domestic. Is this a school environment or a recreational facility???
The school authorities must do something about this before their selfishness claims more lives of the students. I urge all Umyuk student to share and repost this......something has to be done. We need to feel safe and secured within the school environment. We have paid not for just knowledge but security as well!!!!
May your gentle soul live in peace,you will forever live in our hearts Zee
Cc Umyu SRA
Cc Umyu SRE
Cc NANS Parliament

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