'Nnamdi Kanu was given a National attention that he didn't deserve' - Rochas Okorocha

Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha spoke with LIB news on the current Biafra agitation led by Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB.
In this exclusive chat, the governor said, 'IPOB is overpriced, these are young men seeking for relevance as a means of livelihood and that's to tell you how daft our country can be, any madman can rise somewhere and make a name. Honestly, It's overpriced, even the way it's handled was also over handled and I kept telling them that this boy (Nnamdi Kanu) is inconsequential in the matter, but he was given a national attention branding the whole IGBOs as IPOB and branding'.
He continued to say, 'It's laughable because you can't imagine Nnamdi Kanu telling us to follow him to war and we will follow him, that's the greatest insult to the people of this area but he was over handled. Anyone can come today and start a church called 'Kill every human being church', people will join you, there are always people for everything you do. I would have handled it differently'.
We asked how and he said, 'first I understand the problem that this is an agitation by a young man and I will make sure I circle him out from the rest of the society, make him a loner within that area and not allowing him to brand the entire Igbo race as IPOB. There were no better people to stop Nnamdi Kanu than the Igbos themselves. Even an ordinary youth group of the South East would have stopped him'.
But the youth seem to be behind him we queried, 'no it's not true. You see when you start something and a bigger force takes over, everyone relaxes' he said.

Then we asked what the present state of the IPOB agitation in the South East is and the governor said, 'It's quiet and calm. The military has shown its force even though most people criticized their overreaction but for what it's worth, the area is calm and peaceful now'.

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